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Hedi Kyle - a true inspiration for us all

There are few people who have really influenced my way of seeing and working creatively with paper and bindings as deeply as Hedi Kyle. She is well known for her brilliant and innovative models she generously shared during many years of teaching.
Through her way of working with the eyes of a graphical designer and her innovative approach regarding techniques and and structure she has contributed to a revolution in the genre of Artists ‘Books.

In March 2012 I had the honor of working by her side as a private student. I was fascinated by her way of experiment, divert, re-build and alter with the intention of keeping the book alive as mechanical object of extraordinary diversity. In the book  ”The Century of Artists ‘Books” Johanna Drucker describes Hedi as one of those who really have taken bookbinding to a whole new level historically.


I am glad to hold “The Art of The Fold” in my hands. The book, made together with her daughter Ulla Warhol, is tastefully created and a “must have” for all working with bookbinding in a creative way.

Thank you Hedi for sharing your knowledge. I always talk about  you in my courses and I am truly happy for having had the opportunity to work with you!

Read more about the book  ”The Art of The Fold”, Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warhol:


Decorated papers and bindings in Rome

In September 2019 my workshop will be held Rome!
For five whole days our main focus will be on decorated papers, bookbinding, leather bags and restaurants. In the mornings we are having the workshop and in the afternoon interesting visits in various places such as a library with a very precious collection of old decorated papers. I will also bring you to my favorite bag maker Fredrico who makes custom-made leather bags and to my favorite restaurant that is unknown to most tourists but famous among the cardinals.

For a few days Helena Wangefelt Ström, a good friend of mine who knows Rome really well, will be our companion. Helena has participated in the cataloging of Queen Kristina’s collection in the Vatican library as well as doing research in several old Roman libraries.

Moore information:
Limited number of participants.


This year I am a student

This year I study Artists Books at the The College of Printmaking Arts. I will discover and learn printmaking fine arts with a focus on graphics such as etching, gravure, letterpress, screen-printing, print production and book art theory. I will also get access to a network of mentors who will provide me with feedback regarding my project during the year - ”The book as presentationform”. In the project I will be focusing both  theoretically and  practically  from an experimentally point of weiv. This will be an exciting year!

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Fabriquer son livre

My book "Papper och stygn" have now been published in French. The publishing company Les éditions de Saxe has packed the book beautifully for the French market. This time with hard covers and the black leather journal on the front inspired by the folk costume in Leksand, Sweden. 

Thank you for a nice cooperation! Thank you also to my colleague  Annika Baudry who did check the techniqual terms.

The book will be able to order signed from my webshop.


Alice Fox is comming to Mora

I am glad to tell you that Alice Fox is comming to Mora  25-28 June 2020.

The workshop "Land Marks" aims to open our eyes to what is around us, finding the potential in the ordinary and harnessing those possibilities to record our experience. 

Explore a range of different methods to record experience of landscape, engaging with the detail of what you find around you.  You will build up a series of marks, observations and found objects. Through a range of techniques including rust printing, mono-printing, relief and contact printing you will explore different ways to respond to your ‘collections’ and use them as a basis for simple handmade books, forming a personal record of your experience.

Alice has a BA in Contemporary Surface Design & Textiles at Bradford                     School of Arts & Media. She is an experienced teacher and has written a range of books. I recommend you to take a look at "Natural Processes in Textile Art: From Rust Dyeing to Found Objects" for inspiration.

More information about the workshop later on.
Information about Alice Fox:


Spring workshops

Workshops for spring 2019:

"Papper och stygn" ABC-house in Brussels, Belgium 16-17 February  2019
"Bookdesign" University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Sweden 4-8 March 2019
"Creative bookbinding" Munka folkögskola Sweden 8-12 July 2019
"Papyrus out of plants" Langwe Studio Sweden 19-21 July 2019
"Limp bindings from the Vatican Library" Langwe Studio Sweden 2-4 August 2019

More information on my website:


French bookpress in oak for sale

I am forced to sell my beauty for making space for other equipment.
It is an old french bookbinding press in oak.
The hight is 2.10 m and pressing surface 0.42 x 0.72 m.
I am selling it for the buying price.

EUR 1750
£ 1 557
$ 2 037



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