About me

My work as an artist and edu­ca­tor inter­act in a kind of inter­play where both of the work areas inspire and inter­act with each other.

In my artis­tic prac­tice I exper­i­ment with the book as a mechan­i­cal object and I col­lect my mate­r­i­al inspi­ra­tion from Sil­jans­byg­den which is rich in mate­ri­als and craftsmanship.

Here the weight of tra­di­tions and val­ues meets new expres­sions and visions.

My studio

My stu­dio has ten work­shop spots and in addi­tion to book­bind­ing and let­ter­presse­quip­ment there are also a small library.

Here I arrange cours­es, both my own and with inter­est­ing guest teach­ers as well as pri­vat lessons with lodg­ing It is easy to get to my work­shop which is with­ing walk­ing dis­tance from Mora trav­el cen­ter where the train arrives direct­ly from Arlanda.