The book as an art form

In the project “The book as an art form”
I have immersed myself in the craft
and its linguistics in an artistic
context. I have experimented with
the book format as a mechanical object
and reflected on what role my
hands know-how and experience takes part in my work.
I can see methods, materials and driving forces
from older craft traditions
in Siljansbygden which I can connect to
my own processes. By understanding my own work process
it makes it easier to see, understand and guide others
in their exploration.


By focusing more on the processes, what happens before the finished result, we can find sources of inspiration, free ourselves from common patterns and find new ways to grow. The course is based on both a physical, sensual but also a mental exploration.


The exhibition “The book as an art form” presents one broad register in the exploration of the book craft in an artistic format. Featuring: Monica Langwe, Hedi Kyle, Suzanne Schmollgruber and Vegan Flava. The exhibition can be booked separately or in connection with course / lecture.