At Lesse­bo Hand­pap­pers­bruk, they have been mak­ing fine hand­made sta­tionery for near­ly 300 years. Per­fect­ing the craft since 1719 in an eco-friend­ly way. August Strind­berg wrote his man­u­scripts on Lesse­bo’s Biku­pan paper and Andy Warhol was a fan!

Wel­come and vis­it us at the fac­to­ry to expe­ri­ence the art of mak­ing paper by hand. Fol­low each step, from form­ing, press­ing to drying.

Plats: Lesse­bo handpappersbruk
Tid: 19 March


Sched­uled Cours­es
Sched­uled Cours­es