In my second book, “Limp bindings from the Vatican Library”, you will acquaint yourself with yet more variants of the exciting bookbinding technique “limp bindings”, a technique used mainly on volumes for everyday use. These are techniques with infinite possible variations of materials, methods, and structure. Since glue is seldom used, one can easily combine a number of different materials.

With its 1.1 million printed books and 80 000 manuscripts the Vatican Library is one of the biggest libraries in the world. I present eleven books with extensive technical descriptions. You will also be able to read about the Vatican Library and the Conservation Department. This time, in the Gallery, I have asked eleven book artists from Estonia, France, Italy, Sweden, the United States, and United Kingdom to create their own variants, using the originals as departure points.

Also designing this book, I have been inspired by medieval works as regards layout, headings and illustrations.

Full colour/printed in English/74 pages.

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