About me

I am most content in between, independent of current trends, styles, attitudes, and techniques.

I like to experiment with paper and bookbinding as art forms. I can create replicas and new products for museums, film, and theatre.

The Workshop

My studio has ten workstations and is fully furnished with book binding equipment, three book presses, and a small library. Outside the studio doors, plenty of room is available for more space demanding activities, such as paper making, dyeing of textiles or paper, and even for creating parchment.

I arrange workshops, both my own and others led by interesting guest teachers. I also offer special events and customized experiences, taking advantage of our well equipped, but intimate studio space.

Arriving Sweden by air, landing at Arlanda Airport it’s easy to access the train heading for Mora.The train station is under the terminal building with several departures to Mora every day.