About me

I am most con­tent in between, inde­pen­dent of cur­rent trends, styles, atti­tudes, and techniques.

I like to exper­i­ment with paper and book­bind­ing as art forms. I can cre­ate repli­cas and new prod­ucts for muse­ums, film, and theatre.

The Workshop

My stu­dio has ten work­sta­tions and is ful­ly fur­nished with book bind­ing equip­ment, three book press­es, and a small library. Out­side the stu­dio doors, plen­ty of room is avail­able for more space demand­ing activ­i­ties, such as paper mak­ing, dye­ing of tex­tiles or paper, and even for cre­at­ing parchment.

I arrange work­shops, both my own and oth­ers led by inter­est­ing guest teach­ers. I also offer spe­cial events and cus­tomized expe­ri­ences, tak­ing advan­tage of our well equipped, but inti­mate stu­dio space.

Arriv­ing Swe­den by air, land­ing at Arlan­da Air­port it’s easy to access the train head­ing for Mora.The train sta­tion is under the ter­mi­nal build­ing with sev­er­al depar­tures to Mora every day.