Bookcraft for artists, part II ūüóď

In spring and autumn 2020 I will, togheter with √Ėrn¬≠sk√∂ldsviks kon¬≠st¬≠grafiska verk¬≠stad devel¬≠op a work¬≠shop for artists. The focus will be on the Craft with¬≠in the Artist¬īs Books. The course con¬≠sists of two parts ‚ÄĒ a tech¬≠nique work¬≠shop and a work¬≠shop where the artists will work with their own art as a start¬≠ing point when cre¬≠at¬≠ing an Artist¬īs Book.

Place: √Ėrn¬≠sk√∂ldsviks kon¬≠st¬≠grafiska verk¬≠stad
Time: TBA


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ical Google out­look Cours­es